Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fall Continued, Volleyball Ends and Christmas Begins

Poor girl having to share her bath with her brothers:)

First Piggies for Kodie!!

Guess who's mom forgot it was picture day at school?! Brock said, we don't need retakes Mom, these are awesome:)

First season has come to an end. It was a great year and we are looking forward to seeing what the next few years will hold! #weareweber

Only picture I took on Thanksgiving day was this one:) 

Once Thanksgiving was over, it was time to get ready for Christmas!!

And lots of yummy treats:)

And another one just for fun:)

That one night...when Family Home Evening turned into no shirt wrestling...then Brock said, "Dad, I'm takin off my pants."
Dad: "Oh no you're not!"
Brock: "Oh yes I am!"

This will be such great blackmail someday:)


 There was a popular theme at the Larsen Chrismas Party this year:)

Dog-pile with Grandma and Grandpa! 

Batman Robin and BatGirl

Dave and Lynette Gannon's little girl, Gwen, with Kodie at the volleyball game

Tate and his buddy Cole Halbasch

Had to dress up like a pumpkin for we bought a $2 dog costume at Target:)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fall 2015

Fall = Volleyball Season
First season with the Wildcats was great! Not great because they didn't win much, but that was expected so it was ok. But overall we had a great time and I know Miah saw some improvement. We cheered our guts out, and the boys did a lot of drawing and playing on the iPad :) We also watched some football, basketball, and threw in a few other fun pictures as well.

 Man she is gorgeous!!

 We decided to follow Dad on one of their road trips down to Northern Arizona and then to Southern Utah. I was worried about taking 3 little ones on a 10 hour drive by myself, but I can't even explain how awesome it was!! Kodie didn't cry once until we pulled into town! It was so fun and we got to see my cousin Susan who lives in Flagstaff and also my two Aunts that came to watch!! 
Such a fun trip!!

Glen Canyon Dam

Took a 2 hour detour to see the Grand Canyon!! 

 Baby Whitney joined the Jarvis family as well! We got to go visit her in the hospital!!