Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Baseball "Sandlot"

Another season of baseball is in the books and so much fun! Brock is slowly figuring some things out and we just absolutely love his coaches and teammates! They have so much fun and are just good good people! He spent half the season at 2nd base and half in Left Field...except that 1 inning where he pitched!! Oh man, that was scary, but he did ok!

September 2015

Brock came out for his Aunt's wedding, and Brock was beyond happy about it!
 They kinda like Cayden too:)

 Kodie is getting so big and pulling herself up to things. 
 She wants to be able to play with her brothers so badly!
 She sleeps through baseball games like a champ!
 She kinda loves Tate!
 He kinda loves her back:)

Volleyball season is running now and Kodie wanted to get in on the action!

Tate finally got his turn to play something! Soccer of course, since he's 4:) He rolled around on the field a lot, and scored a couple goals...but mostly just ran around aimlessly :)

 Not sure what was going on here, but his face is awesome!!